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Obtaining Good Legal Staff Jobs


The field of law holds many opportunities for graduating students. Some positions in this field are for lawyers, which are students who have passed their bar exams. Some positions in law are for legal assistants, which could include secretaries and paralegals. These positions do not require the person to pass any additional legal exams other than those required for graduating from their chosen program. While there might be many open positions available for lawyers, the positions available for legal assistants are somewhat scarce. The best way to find legal staff jobs is to use the legal job posting website online.

Obtaining a Good Position

Legal staff jobs are scarcer than lawyer or attorney jobs, because firms usually only need to hire one person to cover all their needs. Using the online website to search for these positions will allow graduating students to select openings that correspond to what they specialize in. The first step is to narrow the open positions by choosing a specialized field. The fields associated with legal staff jobs include legal secretary, law clerk, paralegal and legal assistant. In some instances a person in their third year of school could be eligible for an internship or position as a law clerk. These positions can be found by clicking the link to law student jobs.

How to Search

There are two ways to search for Legal Staff Jobs on the legal jobs website. A student could click on the link for the field they have or will be graduating in, or they could elect to narrow their search by state. Clicking on the job description link will bring up all available positions regardless of where they are located. This could be a good way to search for jobs if the student intends to relocate. Students who know the state they want to reside in, will have better luck by narrowing their search by state.